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Artistic Consultation & Coaching

Sometimes all you need is some one-on-one attention. Make an appointment today for your personal artistic consultation, or book a class for your team and colleagues.


Script & Story Consultation

Public Speaking Coaching

Technical Consultation

Speech Writing


Classes & Workshops

Improvisation in Interaction

Learn to think outside of the box, respond quickly, and maintain preparedness through a combination of improvisation and defusion techniques. 
$50/person/hour (1 hour minimum) 
8-15 participants

Presence in Delivery

Gain valuable knowledge and experience through this two hour workshop. Learn how to cultivate an inviting and persuasive delivery. 

●    Commanding & Inviting Physical Presence
●    Vocal Power & Confidence
●    Impactful Delivery (emphasize the right words and phrases)

4-10 participants 


Private Coaching & Consultations

Deliver your next speech or presentation with confidence through consultations on physical presence and vocal delivery.


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