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Turn on the Light

The event doesn't begin when the lights come up, or when the music starts. The Event begins the first moment you engage the audience.  We don't sell a single show, or offer a typical moment, anyone can do that. 

We provide an experience.  

​​Every artist is a storyteller.  Whether through spoken word, visual expression, music or movement -- we focus on the craft. 

Performing Arts

Our Process

We work carefully with each client to ensure individual goals are met.  Whether for an intimate donor event, professional film shoot, or full scale theatrical production, we deliver unique services tailored specifically to meet your needs.


We don't just want to know what you need, but WHY as well.  Once we understand your goals, we can tailor every nuance to feed an overal vision.


Our team of artists and producers will develop your ideal event.  No idea is too big, and no concept too crazy.  VR, music, dance, or a 7 course dinner -- everything is on the table!


Sit back and relax while we handle each and every detail.  From registration to catering, event security to film production, theatrical performances, hosting, and everythin in between.

John Sloan III  CEO |  founding Artistic Director

Born and raised in Metro-Detroit, John studied Musical Theatre at the University of Michigan (BFA program '01-'05) and has two decades of experience as a professional artist.  An accomplished musician and actor, writer, and director, Sloan has performed in numerous regional theatres productions, commercials, concert events, and on the national tour of Disney's The Lion King.

Having produced and directed events across the country, his efforts are dedicated to the intersection of art and activism. 


"...the goal of any conscious artist is to produce work that both entertains the audience and makes them think.  The work comes first, but the work doesn't exist without intention."